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Amazon all-inclusive itineraries

Beginning from the moment you arrive at La Casa del Suizo, our all-inclusive packages allow you make the most of the Napo River and all the natural joys and adventures it offers. All you have to do is choose how long you want the fun to last!

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Sample itinerary and activities

A day at La Casa del Suizo

Each day at La Casa del Suizo, we participate in several morning, afternoon and full day activities. These programs will begin after an early breakfast, and are led by both native and bilingual guides.

If you arrive before lunch, your package will include an activity in the afternoon. Lunch on the day of arrival will be included, and all meals up until and including breakfast on your day of departure.

If you arrive after lunch, your package will not include an activity on the afternoon of your arrival. Your final activity will take place on the morning of your departure, followed by lunch before you leave.

Packages include one activity with river transport, like the raft-building adventure per day, which will take place in the morning. Afternoons may include the ceramic, Kichwa family or canopy activities, for example.

Optional activities are not included in this package.

Cultural encounters and wonderful wildlife

After breakfast we board a dugout canoe. At all times we will be on the lookout for tropical birds and interesting vegetation.

Just across the river from La Casa del Suizo is AmaZOOnico, a rescue centre for wounded and displaced tropical rainforest animals. Here we can see coatis, tapirs, and several species of monkey, snakes, and a variety of colourful birds, many of which wander around freely.

Lunch Casa del Suizo

Mid-afternoon, we continue on to the village of Ahuano, where we learn about traditional Quichua culture. A local host shows us how to make chicha, a typical beverage (tasting optional!), and demonstrates the spiritual cleansing rituals still practiced today throughout the surrounding community. Finally, we participate in a blowgun target-shooting contest – but don’t expect to beat the natives!

Adventures on the river

We begin the day with an early breakfast. Walking through primary and secondary forest trails, we observe distinct species of birds and insects as well as a great variety of trees and medicinal plants. The guides explain how such plants are used not only in medicine, but also in construction and other local activities. Along the trails, there are several opportunities to up the adventure factor, with hanging bridges and vines for swinging from tree to tree like Tarzan.

We go on to experience the true adventure of explorers past, building and navigating a raft! On a small river island our guide shows us how to bind balsa logs together with rope to form a ‘vessel’, so those who wish can float down the Napo for about an hour, en route back to La Casa del Suizo. The duration of this visit is around 4 hours.

Lunch at La Casa del Suizo, followed by “the Island”

A one-hour walk around a totally flat river island where we can spot a great variety of plants and insects. Later we visit the Mariposario (Butterfly House) where we can witness the awesome life-cycles of butterflies.

All-inclusive Amazon packages

Quito, Papallacta and Amazon itineraries

From the Andes to the Amazon, our all-inclusive packages combine some of the best of the Ecuadorian diversity, with culture, wildlife and adventure along the way. Your time at the Casa will be action-packed with all kinds of Amazon activities and experiences. Our packages are operated on a private basis so we can be flexible to your needs and schedule.

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Combined Ecuador packages

Your Amazon voyage and beyond

Explore the enchanting Historic Centre of Quito and the steaming thermal baths of Papallacta, or make like Spanish voyager Francisco Orellana in an epic journey along the Napo River. All you have to think about is enjoying your vacation – we’ll take care of the logistics!